Eggless Cake Recipes For Diwali

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Preparing traditional sweets and dishes is a common thing in any Hindu festival. But, have you ever thought of baking cakes for Diwali festival?

Well, this year try to prepare something different and serve your family with delicious eggless cake recipes on Diwali. There are some homemade cake recipes that taste so yummy that you can't wait to eat them.

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Cakes are always a favourite for kids, but you can also serve these eggless cake recipes to your guests and they would just love to eat.

Some of the eggless cake recipes that we are preparing for Diwali today are honeycake, walnut muffins, vanilla cake and many more.

Special 7 Cup Barfi Recipe For Diwali

Prepare these cakes and make your Diwali special and colourful.

01. Chocolate Honey Cake

For those who love chocolate and honey, it is definitely a treat to them. Maida and butter are used instead of egg. Read on to know how to prepare chocolate honey cake.

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02. Plain Eggless Cake

Most of the times, people prefer to prepare cakes in ovens. But relax if you don't have an oven; that's not a problem. You can prepare this plain eggless cake in a pressure cooker. Read on to know how you can prepare plain eggless cake in a pressure cooker.

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03. Muffins

The procedure to prepare a cake and a muffin is the same. The baking process is common for both of them. Read on to know how you can prepare eggless muffins for this Diwali.

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04. Vanilla Sponge Cake

If you love to eat some really soft cakes without cream, the vanilla sponge cake is the best. It is very tasty and its a must try for Diwali.

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05. Eggless Brownie

In a Brownie, there is more chocolate content and it is softer than the usual cake. Read on to know how you can prepare the eggless brownie.

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06. Eggless Microwave Cake

If you are an expert in handling the oven, then you must definitely try this egg recipe in a microwave.

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Story first published: Monday, November 9, 2015, 12:00 [IST]
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