Amazing Sweet Recipes To Try For Ramzan

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Like in any other festivals, food plays an important role in Ramzan as well. Apart from the main course, you can taste yummy savouries that give you energy and also do wonders to your taste buds.

The sweet recipes that we've mention today can be served for Suhoor or Iftar.

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One best thing about these recipes is that you can have these sweets in the morning as you complete your meal, so that you'll have the required amount of energy for the rest of the day.

Prepare different sweets for Suhoor and Iftar to make this Ramzan a memorable one. You must try these sweet recipes for sure. The sweet recipes that we have mentioned today are most relished by kids.

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As kids from the age of 5-7 start to fast for Ramzan, sweets would be the most relished foods by them, which can also give them all the energy that they require.

So, have a look at the different sweet recipes that you could prepare for Suhoor and Iftar.

Jalebi is the most loved sweet, especially in North India. Moreover, kids love to eat jalebi because of its shape. So, read on to know how to prepare jalebi for Ramzan.

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Since mangoes are still in the season, you can prepare the tasty mango rasgula. The other benefit of mango is that it is very nutritious and helps fight against heat stroke. So, bring home some fresh mangoes and prepare the mango rasgula recipe today for Ramzan!

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Rasmalai is the most yummiest sweet that is made from milk. Though the preparation takes time, the end result is simply worth the wait. So, read on to know how to prepare rasmalai for Ramzan.

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Kesar peda too is a milk recipe. But, this milk recipe does not take a lot of time to be prepared. The kesar peda is nutritious and it would be ideal to serve this sweet in the morning, i.e., for Suhoor, so that enough energy is stored in the body for the day.

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Jamun is the best sweet recipe that you need to prepare for Ramzan. It is one sweet that attracts people of all age groups. So, read on to know how to make the yummy malai gulab jamun recipe at home.

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There are many types of barfis that you can prepare. But, the easiest and the most tastiest recipe is the cocoa coconut barfi. Read on to know how to prepare this special sweet recipe for Ramzan.

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Kids would love to have falooda because of the taste and also its appearance. It looks so good that you would surely want to have more falooda during Iftar after completing the day's fast.

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