Energy Drinks To Have As You Play Holi

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Happy Holi to one and all! Well, this is the day where you can thoroughly enjoy your day to the fullest. Holi is celebrated right from early in the morning and continues to be enjoyed throughout the day. Meanwhile, playing Holi in this hot weather is definitely quite a task.

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So, relax, there is a solution for it. As you play in the hot sun, you can chillax yourself with some amazing drinks. These energy drinks not only cool your body, but also give you enough energy to continue your play.

The energy drinks are simple and easy to prepare. You can either keep them in mugs or store them in bottles. The best Holi drink is bhang. However, there are many other drinks that keep you energised while you play Holi.

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So, read to know some of the amazing drinks that you can have as you play Holi.


Bhang is one drink that you can not miss to have on Holi. It sort of gives you a kick, as you drink it and makes you enjoy the festival even more. Read to know the best method to prepare bhang on Holi.

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Mango Jaljeera:

The mango season has arrived and you should definitely drink the mango jaljeera as you play Holi. The drink gives you a tangy taste. Read to know how to prepare mango jaljeera for Holi.

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Amla Juice:

Amla juice contains vitamins that are good for the system. As you drink the amla juice, you can get an instant energy and you can enjoy playing Holi even more. Read to know how to prepare the amla juice recipe for Holi.

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In this hot weather, as you play Holi, you get dehydrated. So, buttermilk is one best drink that you need to consume. If you want a spicy taste, you can add more chilli powder to it.

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Vanilla Milkshake:

Vanilla milkshake helps you in keeping you refreshed and hydrated. Store the milkshake in a jar and then take a sip of the vanilla milkshake. Read to know how to prepare the vanilla milkshake recipe.

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Banana Smoothie:

The best energy drink is the banana smoothie. Banana smoothie is easy to prepare and is also very good for your appetite. The drink gives you stamina and helps you stay energised throughout the day.

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Apple Mint Juice:

This drink gives you a different flavour. The mint in the apple juice helps in better digestion and keeps you healthy. Read to know how to prepare the apple mint juice for Holi.

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Nuts Milkshake:

Nuts are very healthy and this is one of the best drinks that gives you all the energy that you require to play Holi. Read to know how to prepare the nuts milkshake recipe for Holi.

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