Special Recipes For Bakrid

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The day has come to offer prayers to Allah. Yes, its Bakrid today and this is one of the most important festival for all the muslims worldwide.

This is a day where people sacrifice an animal in the name of Allah.

Must Try Mutton Recipes For Bakrid

On this special occasion, we tell you some of the best recipes that one can prepare for Bakrid.

Many yummy and delicious recipes are prepared on the day of Bakrid.

Significance Of Bakrid

Some of the dishes that is most loved by all are the aloo kheema, mutton pulav, chilli beef fry special rui machar kalai and many more.

So, let's read the article to know ways to prepare special recipes for Bakrid.

Aloo khema :

Aloo kheema is prepared using any meat. It is very easy to prepare and generally served with roti or rice. This is one recipe that you have to try for Bakrid.

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Murg Dhania Qorma Recipe:

This is a chicken recipe and there is a different way to cook it. You can surely try this recipe for Bakrid.

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Chicken Pulav:

Chicken pulav recipe is a very easy to prepare. The main point to be noted in this recipe is that the chicken is boiled with the spices so that it blends well with the ingredients.

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Beef Kofta:

The specialty of the beef kofta recipe is that the meat is mixed completly with the different spices so that it gives the best taste. This is a must try recipe for Bakrid.

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Al Kabsa :

Al Kabsa is highy nutritious food. It is prepared with rice, chicken or lamb. Try this yummy recipe for Bakrid

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Rui Machar Kalai :

This recipe is very famous in Bengal. The gravy is very thick and the taste is mouth watering. Try this special recipe for Bakrid.

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Chilli beef fry :

As the same goes, chilli beef fry is very spicy and can be served with rice or parathas. This is one of the best recipes for you to try this Bakrid.

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Bheja fry:

Bheja fry is prepared using goat's brain. Try this mouth watering dish for bakrid.

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Mutton pulav:

As the name says, it is made using rice and boiled mutton. This is served as a main course. It is prepared using all the seasonings and it's one of the dishes that you should not miss this Bakrid.

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