Most Delightful Recipes To Try On A Sunday

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The word "Sunday" itself can bring a feeling of joy and excitement. The entire world waits for this day. This day is totally dedicated for relaxation and relishing-of-the-best-food purposes. Most of us work throughout the week, and only on Sunday, we get all the time to sit back and relax with our family.

As everyone wants to stay relaxed on a Sunday, start your day with a sip of green tea or a masala chai. On Sunday, in most of the houses, there are some special dishes that are prepared for sure. To make the Sunday more lovely and joyful, husbands too can cook along with their wives!!

Though some prefer having their lunch or dinner at a restuarant, the joy of cooking at home is the best thing to try on a Sunday.

Well, some of the non-vegetarian foods that are prepared are chicken biryani, mutton biryani, chilli chicken, pork specialities, beaf dishes, and many more.

So, come let's take a look at the awesome recipes that you can try on a Sunday to relax and unwind.

Green tea/Coffee:

Start your day with a sip of green tea and stay healthy and fresh throughout the day. However, some prefer having coffee than tea. This is the first recipe that you need to start your day with. Read to know how to prepare a special coffee for Sunday.

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Masala Dosa

Yummmm... Prepare masala dosa and enjoy your Sunday. Dosa tastes good with some coconut chutney and potato gravy along with some sambar. Read to know how to prepare masala dosa on a Sunday as a special recipe.

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Onion Dosa:

Onion dosa is a special recipe that you can prepare on a Sunday. It fills your tummy and gives you a very different and wonderful taste. It tastes best when it is served hot with red chutney.

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Idli Vada:

Idli vada is a typical South Indian breakfast recipe. Not only does the combination of idli and vada tastes good, there are a lot of health benefits of having this too. Read to know how to prepare idli vada as a special Sunday recipe.

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Like idli and vadas, aloo parathas are very famous in North India. But, did you know that you can prepare different types of parathas. As a part of the Sunday special, read to know how to prepare raddish paratha.

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Masala chai:

On a Sunday, the breakfast is generally finished at the brunch time. So, after the breakfast, many prefer to have some tea or coffee again to refresh themselves. Try making some masala chai. This recipe is healthy and tasty too. To make this, have a look at the recipe.

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Chicken Biryani:

One dish that is surely prepared in each and every non-vegetarian house is the chicken biryani. Read to know how to prepare a special chicken biryani recipe.

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Mutton Biryani:

There are several types of mutton biryanis that you can try. The aroma that comes when you prepare the mutton biryani is just irresistible. You can't wait to finish the biryani. So, read to know the best mutton biryani recipe that you can try this Sunday.

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Though there are several rice recipes to try, pulav is an all-time favourite for many. On a weekday, you may prepare pulav and admit it that the taste of the pulav is just out of the world only when you prepare it on a Sunday. This is because you can concentrate more on cooking the dish in a tasty way. Read to know the different types of pulav recipes that you can try on a Sunday.

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Rice Sambar:

Rice is the staple food for South Indias. And no matter what special dish is being cooked, rice and sambar is a must have for lunch. Serve the hot rice and sambar along with some ghee and papad.

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As sunday is a special day, prepare some sweets and the best of the sweets to be prepared on a Sunday is the jamoon. Prepare this sweetest dish and enjoy your Sunday.

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Sunday is meant to pamper yourself to the fullest. How about some evening snacks then? Well, pakoras is the best thing that you can serve as an evening snack on a Sunday.

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Story first published: Saturday, January 23, 2016, 13:34 [IST]
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