7 Quick & Easy Sausage Recipes

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Best thing about sausage recipe is that they are quick and easy to prepare. Chicken sausages are processed meats. So that means sausages are already half cooked. You need just about 5-10 minutes to try any snacks recipe with sausages. Thus chicken sausages are perfect ingredients for busy working people who hardly have time to prepare a full meal.

Inspite of being quick bites, the snacks recipes prepared with sausages are filling. If you are feeling lazy this weekend, then just try any these brilliant sausage recipes for the weekend.

Quick & Easy Sausage Recipes

Easy, healthy and delicious, that is what a Sausage salad is!

Quick & Easy Sausage Recipes

Filled with Italiano spices, Sausage soup makes a great way to begin your meal.

Quick & Easy Sausage Recipes

Zesty peppers sauteed with mouth-watering sausages; great combination!

Quick & Easy Sausage Recipes

Simply throw in some onions and garlic pods when you fry the sausages and you are done!

Quick & Easy Sausage Recipes

Roll the sausages into pop-friendly ball and then deep fry them.

Quick & Easy Sausage Recipes

Add a dash of soy sauce while frying the sausages and you have Chinese-style sausages!

Quick & Easy Sausage Recipes

A delicious breakfast recipe for the weekend. Grilled sausages in baked rolls!

1. Sausage Salad

This is a very healthy way to eat sausages. Sausage salad is a complete meal. You can have lots of greens along with meat. So you get proteins along with dietary fibres and nutrients of vegetables together. Add some potatoes to your salad and you get carbohydrates for energy too.

2. Italian Sausage Soup

Soups are always healthy because they are low on calories and high in nutrients. This Italian soup recipe packs a punch of sausages and veggies together. Add the fresh seasonal vegetables to it and season with pepper and oregano to make your soup aromatic. You can have it as an appetizer or meal.

3. Sausage Pepper Platter

This is the perfect substitute for a stake. Stakes are usually made with red meat and contains lots of meat. Sausages are smaller and leaner. And then, you are also getting to have antioxidant rich bell pepper or capsicums with it. The best part is that it cooks in 5 minutes where a stake would take hours.

4. Stir Fried Sausages

This is a snacks recipe that you should prepare for a movie night with friends or family. Just take a teaspoon of oil and stir fry the whole sausages with some garlic and onions. Its a delicious sausage recipe that goes very well as a snack.

5. Sausage Balls

This yummy snacks recipe make by rolling chopped chicken sausages into dough balls. Another great appetizer to have while sharing a couple drinks with friends. You can just pick and pop these sausage balls into your mouth and they disappear in no time.

6. Chinese Sausages

If you do not like to have your sausages bland then you can always try some really cool flavoured sausages. If not, flavour them yourself. Sprinkle soy sauce while you saute the sausages to give it a nice Chinese flavour.

7. Sausage Rolls

Want a luxurious breakfast? Surprise your family by preparing these homemade sausage rolls. They are easy to make and very healthy as they are grilled and baked.

These are some of the best sausage recipes that you must try. Do share your own innovative recipes using sausages with us.

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Story first published: Friday, September 14, 2012, 17:59 [IST]
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