Yummiest Snack Recipes For Ramzan

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The celebration has started since it's just a week for Ramzan Eid/Eid-ul-Fitr. The seventh day from today the entire globe celebrates the most joyful festival of the year that is Eid.

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On this very special day, you need to celebrate the day with the most colourful and tasty dishes. Generally, for a festival, the most favourite part is the meal time, apart from this, it is the snacks time, which the whole family enjoys!

Yes, though we have a heavy meal in the festival, by the time the clock strikes five, we would love to taste some really yummy snacks. So, today, we shall tell you some of the best snacks that you can prepare for the Ramzan Eid day.

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The snack recipes that we have mentioned today are the most tastiest snacks that will surely be loved by one and all. Prepare these snack recipes and serve it to your loved ones on the special day of Eid-ul-Fitr.

Tandoori Fish Tikka:

One of the best dishes that non-vegetarians love to eat apart from chicken is fish. Dishes that are prepared with fish taste the best. So, read to know how to prepare your favourite tandoori fish tikka recipe for Ramzan.

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Kheema Samosa:

If veg samosas are boring, you can try preparing the kheema samosa, which tastes just out of the world. This is a very simple recipe that you can prepare on Eid and serve it to all your guests!

Chicken Sticks:

The chicken sticks look more like French fries. But only after you take a bite, will you realise that it tastes more amazing than any of the snacks. This is a latest snack recipe that you need to surely check out.

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Chicken Lollipop:

Some believe that chicken lollipop is prepared for lunch, but it can be served as a snack too. Also, you can prepare the lip-smacking recipe within minutes. So, read to know how to prepare the chicken lollipop for Ramzan.

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Beef Cutlet:

Beef contains all the nutrients that are required for our body, especially during Ramzan. So, this Ramzan, do not miss out on preparing this amazing snack recipe.

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Chicken Roll:

Have you ever tried the chicken egg roll. If not, this is the best recipe that you can try for Ramzan. This is one of the best chicken roll recipes you can make for your loved ones to relish.

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Egg Bonda:

In case you are tired on the day of the festival and also want to prepare some really great snacks, then you can always prepare the egg bonda recipe, which is not only easy to cook but also tastes awesome. So, try these snack recipes for Ramzan and let us know your feedback.

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