Tasty Meat Recipes For Bakrid

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Bakrid is one among the most important and special festivals for Muslims. The main theme of the festival is to sacrifice a goat in the name of God, following which the offering is divided into three parts later.

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The first part is served within the family, the second is served to the relatives and the third remaining part is given to the poor and needy.

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There are several meat recipes that you can prepare using the meat. So, today we shall tell you what are the types of meat recipes that you can prepare for Bakrid using the meat. Read the different meat recipes that you can try, in this article.

Spaghetti Meatball:

Start your main course recipes for Bakrid with simple and tasty meat balls recipe. This is the perfect starter. Also, men usually have meat balls before they go to their prayer (namaz) on the day of Bakrid. So, read to know how to prepare the meat balls recipe for Bakrid.

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Mutton Biryani:

One of the main course recipes that you can prepare for Bakrid is mutton biryani. This recipe can be prepared quickly and it is always a favourite to everyone in the family, without a doubt!

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Mutton Keema Cutlet:

Keema cutlet is a North Indian recipe. Keema cutlet is a very crispy and spicy recipe. The main trick behind cooking the dish is that it requires a lot of deep frying to be done. So, read to know how to prepare the mutton keema cutlet recipe for Bakrid.

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Shahi Mutton Korma:

As the name goes, shahi mutton korma is a rich delicacy. And the main ingredient is mutton along with some other important spices. It tastes just awesome. So, do try this special shahi mutton korma recipe for Bakrid.

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Hariyali Mutton Curry:

This recipe is very healthy, as it is prepared using different types of herbs and spices. Since the mutton is very soft and when mixed with other spices, it just melts in your mouth.

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Bheja Fry:

Bheja fry is prepared from a goat's brain. It can be prepared very quickly. The main trick for preparing bheja fry is that you should scramble the brain of the goat and only then will you get the exact taste of the dish.

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Stuffed Keema Paratha:

This paratha recipe is very nutritious and healthy. But, you need to take a look at how you need to prepare the keema stuffing, which is explained here.

Kheema Dal:

As the name says, it is one of the best types of dal recipes that can be prepared for Bakrid. Prepare these simple meat recipes for Bakrid and let us know your feedback.

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