Quick And Tasty Chinese Recipes

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One recipe that most of us love, irrespective of our age, is noodles. Yes, we all love to eat noodles and there are many recipes that can be prepared by using noodles as well.

We all know that noodles is a Chinese dish and so are other very popular dishes, which we all love to munch on in the evenings. So, today, we shall tell you the best dishes from China that are incredibely famous in our country.

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Initially, it was difficult for us to accept and relish these dishes, as it contained different types of sauces, which was way far from our method of cooking, without the use of sauces.

However, due to the awesome taste and the variety in each of the foods, gradually these Chinese dishes became popular among the Indian crowd and were in demand.

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Hence, we're sharing a list with you of some of the ever-famous Chinese recipes that can be prepared quickly that also taste great!

Chinese Manchow Soup:

The speciality of this soup recipe is that we add fried noodles that taste just awesome when had along with the soup. You must prepare this today!

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Spring Rolls:

This is the best recipe for a starter. And we tell you how to prepare cheese corn spring rolls.As mentioned, it can be prepared as a starter or you can rejoice this wonderful recipe as a snack in the evening or during any special occasion.

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Schezwan Fried Rice:

This fried rice recipe is generally spicy. And, most importantly, the recipe is an Indo Chinese version. The recipe is simple and can be cooked in 20 minutes. You can prepare this recipe for special occasions and, for sure, you will be praised for your cooking skills.

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Chicken Noodles:

Chicken is the favourite ingredient to many of us in most of our recipes. So how about preparing chicken noodles. You can add the chicken and red pepper to the noodles and make it more delicious and mouth watering.

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Hakka Chilli Chicken:

This is the most famous Chinese recipe. Generally, most of us order this spicy dish in restaurants. Well, did you know that you can prepare this yummy dish right at home? Yes, read to know how to prepare the hakka chilli chicken recipe at home.

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Chinese Fried Rice Noodles:

As noodles is a staple food for the Chinese people, their dishes mostly revolve around this ingredient. This is a very easy recipe that can be served for lunch or dinner.

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Chinese Cashew Chicken Gravy:

Among the Chinese recipes, never miss out on preparing this yummy recipe, as you will surely feel content and happy after having this amazing dish. This recipe is very nutritious due to the addition of cashews in the recipe. This gravy recipe can be served along with rice or roti. Try these amazing Chinese recipes and let us know your feedback.

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