Most Popular Easter Recipes To Try

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Easter is here and it is time to end the period of Lent with some great non-vegetarian recipes. In case you do not know, Lent is the 40-day period of fasting that is observed by Christians (especially Catholics) during which they do not eat non-vegetarian. That is why on Easter, all the delicacies are non-vegetarian.

In fact, due to the special significance of Easter eggs, many of the Easter recipes are prepared using eggs. Chicken roasts and stews are traditional Easter delicacies. Most people have a family lunch on Easter. So if you are an amateur cook who is throwing an Easter party for the first time, you need not be worried. All the Easter recipes that we give you will be simple and easy to make.

Easter eggs are not edible, but your table on Easter must contain many egg recipes. We have also given you 2 dessert recipes for Easter that are easy to try.

Honey glazed chicken is a sweet and spicy dish. Just like any other chicken roast recipe, its preparation needs skill but, a good thing about this Easter recipe is that it can be made with very few ingredients.

We give you a simple Easter recipe that you can serve your guests and they will remember you forever. Deviled eggs are a traditional recipe for Easter but we have made it very easy for you.

Cheese stuffed chicken brings two amazing ingredients, chicken and cheese together in a delicious gourmet recipe. Imagine your teeth sinking into juicy pieces of chicken and tasting the warm creamy cheese stuffing!

To make egg rolls you need a little more time. Prepare a filling of scrambled eggs with Indian spices. If you have leftover rotis or parathas then put the filling into them and roll it up!

Chicken stew has to be easy to appeal you. It is not a recipe for gourmet lovers, but for casual first time cooks.

This Roast recipe has both chicken and potatoes. Here is a simple recipe to prepare lemon cumin roasted chicken. The baked chicken is flavoured with cumin, lemon and served with potatoes.

Imagine having strong flavour of mustard with eggs. That is what pickled eggs with mustard can give you.

No meal is really complete without a lip smacking dessert. But who has time to pour over complicated dessert recipes. So let us stick with a standard strawberry and cream dessert. This easy dessert recipe can be gourmet if you make it with an air of expertise.

This mousse is extremely soft that can melt in your mouth completely and is made with raspberry sauce and chocolate.

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