Jewellery Trends On Day 2 Of IBFW 2013

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Jewellery trends have always been an important part of bridal fashion. After all, you need both bridal wear and jewellery to complete the styling of a bride. That is why, jewellery trends from Indian Bridal Fashion Week 2013 will define the flavour of the upcoming wedding season. Apart from the clothes, the styling of the models is an integral part of the Indian Bridal Fashion Week 2013.

On Day 2 of IBFW 2013, plenty of dazzling jewellery trends were seen on the ramp. Three designer collections were showcased on Day 2 of IBFW 2013; Meera Muzaffar Ali, Jyotsna Tiwari and Rina Dhaka. All three collections had some very distinct jewellery trends to offer. While Rina Dhaka brought in an Egyptian touch with her raised golden ponytails, Jyotsna Tiwari kept it simple and contemporary.

But the major jewellery trends of the Indian Bridal Fashion Week 2013 will come from Meera Muzaffar's collection. The special Awadhi collection had scores of ornate golden jewellery. These jewellery trends are particularly useful for the Muslim brides of India.

Check out some of the most glorious jewellery trends that we got to see on Day 2 of Indian Bridal Fashion Week 2013.

Head Jewellery: Golden Beads

Sophie Choudhury's lehenga choli was splendid indeed. But the layers of golden beads in her hair was one of the highlights of the ensemble.



Layered Necklace On Lace

Rina Dhaka used a variety of lace necklines. This layered golden necklace set of the sheer necklace to great advantage.



Golden Chains For The Bun

The model had her hair held in a braided bun. It was then adorned with a golden chains and solid gold comb.

Long Golden Necklace

When transparent lace is being used for the neckline, the scope of flaunting your jewellery increases. If you need an illustration, just take a look at this image.



Egyptian Headgear

Rina Dhaka added some spice to her collection by using this Egyptian headgear. The high pony has been raised further by wrapping a golden ribbon around it. The beaded tiara reminds us of some Pharoah's wife.

Egyptian Side Tiara

Instead of the straight lacing beads, a sideways tiara has been used with the Egyptian headgear here.



Golden Headband

This is a unique kind of head jewellery that we saw in Rina Dhaka's collection. It is not exactly a tiara but an improvised headband.



Pointed Diamond Earrings

Moving from the ornate to the contemporary; Jyotsna Tiwari's collection had some innovative diamond jewellery. This pair of pointed diamond earrings will look great with contemporary gowns.



Chandelier Necklace

This diamond necklace is perfect for today's bride. It is sleek and yet large enough to attract attention.

Princess Necklace

If you really want that one piece of jewellery that will be decisive in your bridal look, you should choose the grand princess necklace.

Pearl Necklace

Most modern brides like to draw attention to their outfit instead of the jewellery. This simple and sleek pearl necklace can do the job in such cases.



Floral Diamond Necklace

The design of this diamond necklace is quite novel. You may want to keep this on the wish list for your wedding.



Diamond n Sapphire Necklace

A plain diamond bow necklace may not have looks as stunning with the blue peplum top. But the tiny blue glints of sapphire in the necklace completes the bride's look.



Large Golden Ring

This huge golden ring has been a jewellery trend we have seen before. On the day of your wedding, wear just one huge golden ring and nothing else on your fingers to look classy.

Large Sapphire Jewellery

You can see 4 large sapphires in the entire ensemble. Two sapphires are set into the choker, one on the necklace and one in the bracelet.



Pearl Jhumkas

We noticed an interesting jewellery trend in Meera Muzaffar's collection. Pearl jhumkas are not exactly common. But they blended serenely with the off-white clothes.



Jarao Jhumkas

Who said that jhumkas can only be one of the kind. These are the 3 best jhumkas from Meera Muzaffar's collection. They are each studded with red, green and white stones.



Royal Pearl Necklace

The pearl necklace that you see in this image is regal looking. It seems to hark back to the Begums of British India.



Hollow Mangtikka

The mangtikka is one of the elementary pieces of head jewellery worn by Indian brides. Meera Muzaffar have used hollow and ringed mangtikkas.



Diamond Bangles

Diamond is usually a precious stone used for necklaces, earrings, bracelets etc. But diamond bangles are still rare. If you want to replace gold bangles with diamond ones in your bridal trousseau, then take a look at these.



Diamond Nath

Most Indian brides opt to wear a nath or nose ring just on the wedding day. You will rarely see any bride with such a huge nath. But looks like large nose rings are trending this season.




Sideways Tiara

Wearing a tiara sideways has been customary for Muslim brides. If you want a heavily ornate look for your wedding day, you can wear a mangtikka and also a sideways tiara.

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