Face Packs For Oily Skin That Would Rid You Of Shine For Good!

Excessive sebum production in the skin leads to the skin looking too shiny. We've listed certain face packs to banish that shine for good.

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Having oily skin can be both a boon and a bane. Oily skin does not age fast. The drawback of oily skin however is having too many pimples. The face packs that we have compiled in this article will help you get rid of the shine from the oily skin for good!

Oily skin is a result of when the skin starts producing too much of sebum. Now, a certain amount of sebum in the skin is necessary to maintain the natural moisture level and pH balance of the skin. But, when the sebum production goes out of control, the face tends to break out into pimples and acne.

This is not to say that only oily skin types are more prone to breakouts, it just means that oily skin is more susceptible to having breakouts.

But, not to worry. There are ways in which you could get rid of the excessive oil on your face and prevent breakouts. These ingredients, or bases to make a face pack, would help absorb excessive oil from your face. Have a look at them.

1. Turmeric: Turmeric is one of the best ingredients to use when it comes to skin care. There isn't a single skin concern that turmeric cannot tackle. You can use turmeric mixed with water or milk and use it as a face pack for oily skin. This face pack is quite drying, so use it only if you have oily skin.

face packs for oily skin

2. Neem Powder: Neem is an ingredient that is found in a lot of face washes and scrubs due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties. This can be mixed with either water or with some rose water to reap the best oil-absorbing benefits.

face packs for oily skin

3. Red Clay: This clay has really strong absorbing powers and can absorb the worst forms of oil from an oily skin. This is best for severely oily skin as well.

face packs for oily skin

4. Multani Mitti: Multani mitti or Fuller's earth is one of the most famous face pack bases that is in use in the Indian subcontinent. It absorbs excessive oil without over-drying the face.

face packs for oily skin

5. Baking Soda: Baking soda can make one of the best face packs to be used for oily skin. It gets rid of excessive oil on the face and even rids the skin of newly formed pimples by drying them out.

face packs for oily skin

6. Oats: Oats mixed with water can be used as a face pack or a scrub for oily skin that is also sensitive.

face packs for oily skin

7. Besan: Besan or chickpea flour has been used by generations of Indian women to make their skin glow. Mix some of it with milk and rub in a slow circular motion on your face to banish that shine from your face once and for all.

face packs for oily skin
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