Everyday Habits That Make Your Skin Old And Remedies

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Our skin is very delicate and can get wrinkles easily if not taken proper care. There are chances that some women may get the signs of ageing early as they are not avoiding some habits that cause wrinkles on their face.

Our skin is exposed to pollutants daily and we also do some damaging things on our skin such as applying makeup and sleeping with makeup on the face.

The chemicals either from the makeup or from the pollutants enter the skin pores and cause much damage to the skin including wrinkles and fine lines.

To get a beautiful and younger skin, you must take some simple steps that will help the skin to cope up with the damaging things,

Over washing your face also damages it as it deprives the skin from the natural oils and thus causes wrinkles. Here are some everyday habits that make your skin old and remedies.


Exposing your skin to daily pollution causes wrinkles and other signs of ageing. This is because the chemical pollutants decreases oxygen and collagen in your skin and makes it age early. It also causes pimples and skin breakouts.


Always wear a sunscreen before leaving home. Wash you face and scrub at bedtime. Moisturise well after that and then go to sleep. You can also use a foundation which will not allow the pollutants to get into the skin pores.

Over-Washing Your Face

Washing face frequently makes it dry and danged. This makes your complexion dull and causes wrinkles. The natural oils inn your skin are depleted by frequent washing.


Don't wash your face in the morning, as this will remove all the oils that your skin has produced in restoring your skin during sleep. Just splash some water on your face if you want and don't use any face wash. Use a moisturiser later.

Stretching Your Skin To Apply Makeup

Most girls stretch their face to apply makeup. This pulls the skin cells and causes wrinkles. Apply makeup without stretching your face.

Drinking Water Or Juice From A Straw

When you drink any fluid using a straw, this makes your facial muscles to overworked and form wrinkles. You can get eye wrinkles also and the wrinkles around your mouth. Drink water from a glass or a bottle.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

You must have eight hours of beauty sleep as during night your beauty is enhanced. New skin cells are formed. Skin is healed and repaired. If you sleep less then the stress hormones will make your skin look old.

Not Drinking Enough Water

Water makes your skin glowing and younger looking as it flushes out toxins from the skin.
You must drink enough water during the day to remove toxins from you skin and the body. Only a healthy body can give you a glowing skin.

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