Drink Water + Eat Water = Erase Wrinkles

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All of us know about the benefits of water for skin. But recently, some skin experts have gone a step further and claimed that keeping the skin hydrated regularly can prevent wrinkles.

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In fact, some experts even say that you can erase wrinkles up to 25% by increasing your consumption of water. They opine that hydration can be way better than anti-ageing products that never fulfil their promise.

If you hate drinking water, you can rely on the water content in vegetables. Do you know that the water content in fruits and vegetables can hydrate your skin and keep it firm and glowing?

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Well, in this post, let us know about the content of water in some hydrating fruits and vegetables. Consume them regularly and see if the appearance of your wrinkles minimise at least up to an extent.


Celery is low in calories and high in water and fibre. Juice it up for glowing skin.

Water content: 95%


Your sandwich and salad is incomplete without a tomato. This time use more to make your meal tasty. Your skin needs it.

Water content: 94%


Though you have been using cucumber in your skin care routines, start eating it raw in the form of a salad to get that water inside your skin.

Water content: 96%


Even if you hate lettuce, juice it up and gulp it regularly. It is full of water and helps your skin stay firm.

Water content: 95%

Bell Peppers

Though they come in various colours, trust the green ones for high water content.

Water content: 93%


It is a super-food. Eat it or drink it- you will get all its vitamins, minerals and water too.

Water content: 91.4%



This root vegetable is full of anti-oxidants and water. Try a salad with it.

Water content: 95%


Of all types of berries, go for strawberry especially for its high water content.

Water content: 91%


This vegetable comes with lots of vitamins and also provides many health benefits apart from keeping your skin hydrated.

Water content: 92%


It is a citrus fruit which also helps minimise your cholesterol levels. Consume it for the sake of the water it provides your skin.

Water content: 90%


There you go; its name itself tells you what it contains. Enjoy this fruit without waiting till summer.

Water content: 91%  


Eat it raw if possible or drink its juice early in the morning. Your skin will never complain.

Water content: 90%

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Story first published: Wednesday, September 9, 2015, 4:06 [IST]
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