The Different Finishes Of Lip Colours That You Need To Know Of Now!

Have you ever been confused about which lipstick finish you should go for? Then, have a look at this article, which lists down all the finishes out there to make it all a little easier.

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There was a time when the options to choose between lipsticks were not that confusing. But, these days, there are a host of different finishes of lip colours and you need to know about them now, in order to avoid the confusion.

There's a lipstick finish out there for everyone. If matte finishes feel too drying to you, you can go for satin or crème based lipsticks.

It can be really confusing to pick the right kind of finish of lip colours that suit your needs, especially to someone who isn't that well acquainted with makeup. And that is why, we have compiled this list of finishes for lip colours that would surely help you find your pick.

So, keep this list in mind the next time you go out looking for your new lipstick. Here are the different finishes of lipsticks and lip colours, so that you don't have to be confused anymore.

Let us know if this list helped you out.

1. Matte: Everyone's favourite finish in terms of lipstick is a matte finish. This has the highest staying power, and most matte lipsticks don't transfer easily. Be sure to use a lip balm before using a matte lipstick, as it can be quiet drying.

different finishes of lip colours

2. Satin: Satin finish lipsticks have a moisturising texture but have a similar coverage as that of a matte lipstick. There is no need to use a lip balm before using this, as it is quiet moisturising itself.

different finishes of lip colours

3. Creme: This finish is very creamy, and definitely not suitable for people who love matte. This transfers easily, but is really hydrating so people not comfortable with matte lipsticks can go for this, as the colour pay off is as high as a matte finish one.

different finishes of lip colours

4. Tinted Balm: Tinted lip balms are best for people who are just venturing into the world makeup. It provides hydration with just a hint of colour.

different finishes of lip colours

5. Matte Balm: These finishes are best for people who want a matte finish and yet a hydrating lip colour. These don't require lip balm, as they are not as matte as the matte-based lipsticks.

different finishes of lip colours

6. Liquid Matte: This is an extremely innovative lipstick to choose from in the list of different finishes of lip colours. These lipsticks go on liquid and look glossy but turn matte as they dry. These don't transfer at all and stay all day without any touch-ups required.

different finishes of lip colours

7. Lip Stain: Lip stains are best for people who are looking for a natural finish. It just enhances the natural lip colour. It is really good for people who have pigmented lips.

different finishes of lip colours

8. Matte Moist: These lipsticks are essentially glossy in their finish, but have the staying power and pigmentation of a matte lipstick. So, if you want high moisturisation and a high staying power at the same time, go for this particular type.

different finishes of lip colours
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