How To Be Photo Ready, Using Makeup

Everyone wants to look perfect in pictures. And here is how you can achieve it too with the use of makeup.

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Everyone wants to look great in pictures. But using too much or even too little of makeup can make you look ghastly. So, here's how you can be photo ready using the right kind and amount of makeup.

Some people end up caking their entire faces with makeup in an attempt to look flawless on camera, obviously making the exact opposite happen. Too much makeup, if applied wrong, can make you look worse than you looked without the makeup.

So, instead of caking up on every product that is known to mankind, you need a few tricks to look good in pictures. Regardless of whether or not there will be pictures taken, you must not use too much of makeup.

Sometimes, even a single product can make it look like you've used makeup and you can end up looking too fake. So, don't be under the impression that you can get away with using just one single product. You will need to apply all the right products and that too in the right order to make sure you look good in photos.

So here is how you can be photo ready using makeup, take a look and do follow the same:

1. Clean Base: Start with a clean face free of all lotions and oils. The best way to do this is to wash your face.

how to be photo ready using makeup

2. Moisture: Use a face oil or moisturiser and make sure you massage it into your skin well. This is the tip that makes all the difference.

how to be photo ready using makeup

3. Prime: To make sure your fine lines and pores are covered and not visible, you need to use a good primer, and thankfully, recently Indian brands are coming with good and affordable primers.

how to be photo ready using makeup

4. Matte Foundation: You should go for a matte look when posing for pictures, as the flash can make your dewy makeup look greasy instead. So, always go for matte foundations.

how to be photo ready using makeup

5. Concealer: Conceal your under-eye circles, as these can look absolutely ghastly on camera. Make sure you cover up other spots too. An orange-based concealer is best for hiding marks with purple undertones, and pink-based ones are good for sallow-looking yellow skin. These two types are best suited for Indian skin tones.

how to be photo ready using makeup

6. Set: Set all of this with translucent setting powder to make sure the makeup does not crease or melt. Now, that is how easy it is to look good in pictures with makeup.

how to be photo ready using makeup

7. Eyes: Make sure you use loads of mascara. Using mascara really makes the eyes stand out. So that's something you definitely want in pictures. And this is a must follow makeup trick for photos.

how to be photo ready using makeup

8. Lips: Pick a bold, bright lip colour of your liking and you're good to go in being photo ready for that awesome selfie.

how to be photo ready using makeup
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