Makeup Tips With Red Wine Lips

Red wine colour is very 'in' nowadays. From dresses to makeup to lip gloss, wine colour looks hot! This is one of the most popular fashion trends. But, when you are carrying such bold lips then you need just the right makeup to compliment it. You must have seen many female actors carrying off red and juicy wine lips. Here are a few makeup tips that shall go with such lip colour and make you look more sensuous.

Hairstyle- The perfect hairstyles with red wine lips would be big curls. You can either curl up all your hair or just partially curl on the ends. You may even tie up your hair in a neat and tidy way. This will make you look sombre and will enhance your personality.

And if you are fond of keeping straight hair then just pin it to one side of the head or simply leave it loose on your shoulders.

Eyes- You first need to highlight your eyes well using a kohl and an eyeliner. This is very important only then your eyes shall complement your red wine like lips. Also apply a mascara at the end to curl your eyelashes.

For an easy and yet elegant eye makeup the best option to avail would be a dark eye shadow, preferably black. Alongside a black eye makeup, the red wine lips will add a glamour quotient and make you look more attractive.

You can even highlight your eyes with the shimmering silver, green or blue eye shadows. These are the best eye makeup tips that go well with red and juicy wine lips.

Cheeks- You need to keep other makeup on your face light so that the red lips are highlighted. If you put too much blush on your cheeks, it will only make you appear too loud. So, keep your base makeup light in order to focus all the attention on your lips. Make your lovely lips look more kissable with these easy makeup tips.

Earrings- If you have chosen to go for a light eye makeup with just the highlighters then you better wear only a small stud in your ears. This is also one of the makeup tips for a classic and elegant finish.

But you might also try from big earrings if you have put on a dark eye makeup with black eye shadow all over your eyelids.

Necklace- Avoid wearing a neckpiece with red wine lips and a heavy eyes makeup. Or else you might end up looking clumsy. But, if you are wearing a stud then you might just put on a light silver chain. It is strict 'no-no' in case you have big earrings on.

These are a few easy makeup tips that you can use to attract attention towards your juicy red lips in any party or occasion.

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