Celebs On Their Bad Makeup Days

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We usually do makeup to hide the blemishes on our face. However, if your makeup goes wrong then it gives your face a totally demented look. There is no way to hide bad makeup. Celebrity makeup mistakes are the most visible ones. As celebs are constantly under the eye of the media, they can never get away with bad makeup.

However, as the celebrity makeup blunders get highlighted, there is a lot we can learn from them. Here are some of the famous celebs on their bad makeup days and what you must learn not to do from these example.

Makeup Mistakes

Kareena has skipped foundation and thus, her makeup has spread all over the face.

Makeup Mistakes

Sonam Kapoor has obviously used a foundation shade that is much darker than her skin tone.

Makeup Mistakes

Ash has either not cleaned her face before applying makeup or used some really oily cosmetics.

Makeup Mistakes

Kangna has used a bright red lip colour leaving the rest of her face bare. Looks scary to say the least!

Makeup Mistakes

Too much rouge makes your face look like a pancake. Ash has learned that in time.

Makeup Mistakes

Red lipstick does not go with every complexion or personality. Sonam Kapoor had to learn it the hard way.

Makeup Mistakes

Another shade of red that did not match Kangna's dress at all!

1. Never Skip The Foundation: You cannot build a structure on a base that is weak. In the same way, skipping the base of your makeup will only result is a bad makeup that makes you look ugly.

Kareena Kapoor is usually known for her perfect rosy cheeks makeup. But in this image, her face looks blotched with rouge. Probably the result of not applying foundation.

2. Choose The Right Foundation: The shade of your foundation is very important. Unless it matches with your complexion perfectly, you will either look darker or whiter than you are.

Sonam Kapoor has chosen a dull shade of foundation to look tanned. Ash On the other hand seems have chosen an oily one. The oil patched are caked all over her face.

3. Only Lipstick Is Not An Option: Many girls say that they apply only lipstick and no other form of makeup. You know what, that is a bad choice. When you apply only lipstick and that too off a very bright shade, then you end up looking like a vampire. Learn from Kangna is you want to know how to look dull.

4. Moulin-Rouge: Girls you got to learn that there is something called too much rouge. 'Rouge' is actually the French word for 'red'. So use your reds judiciously. Just because your makeup kit has a rouge doesn't mean you can apply it indiscriminately on your cheeks.

Aishwarya Rai usually has an impeccable eye for makeup. But here, Ash has gone a little overboard on the rouge. Probably the excitement of being in Cannes for the first time!

5. Red May Not Be Your Colour: Red lipstick with a black dress is a classic combination. However, you may not be the girl who can carry red to perfection. Bright red lips go with a certain kind of personality. If you don't have it, red is not your colour.

Sonam Kapoor who looks ravishing is browns and nude shades of lipstick is looking raunchy with red lipstick here. Kangna Ranaut makes the same mistake with a deep maroon shade.

These are some of the celebrity makeup mistakes you should learn from. Have you ever faced any of these bad makeup blunders yourself?

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