Kristen Stewart's Best Hairstyles

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Kristen Stewart has recently been in news for apparently 'cheating' on her boyfriend Robert Pattinson. Among the hub-dub of gossip, we cannot forget what she is best known for, her style. Kristen Stewart's hairstyles always change faster than the weather. She has tried a dozen different looks in her short career span. Some of Kristen Stewart's hairstyles have worked and some have been written off as too 'avante-garde'.

We have picked some of the best haircuts that Kristen Stewart has sported since her arrival in Hollywood.

Kristen Stewart's Hairstyles

Kristen has recently gone blonde and she looks natural in it as if she were always blonde!

Kristen Stewart's Hairstyles

Kristen Stewart carried her hair sideways throughout the Cannes film festival and set a new trend.

Kristen Stewart's Hairstyles

Snow White in the Wicked Witch avatar. Kristen looks hot in spiky bun..

Kristen Stewart's Hairstyles

Short bands and side fringes make Kristen look cute. One of her rare neat hairstyles.

Kristen Stewart's Hairstyles

Kristen goes curly for the premiere of 'New Moon'. The tinted hair and curls look really hot.

Kristen Stewart's Hairstyles

Kristen chops off her mane to look cool in this rock-star avatar.

Messy Boy-cut: A short haircut is considered unglamorous for women, especially if you are constantly in the limelight. But Kristen Stewart has a penchant for 'breaking the rules'. She sported this short and messy rock-star look at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards. Could you believe it, she actually got spikes in her hair like a boy but yet managed to look ravishing.

Noodle Curls: Kristen Stewart's natural hairstyle is straight shoulder length hair. It is pretty much close to the hairstyle she sports as 'Bella' in 'Twilight'. However, for the premiere of her second movie 'New Moon' in 2009, she donned this super hot noodle curls hairstyle. Her black hair was slightly tinted with brown. The tint gave a beautiful texture to the curls.

Short Layers: She appeared again for another event associated with the 'New Moon' is a smart short layered hairstyle. This was not one of her messy looks and we have to say she can look good even in neat hairstyles. The side fringes were well suited to her youth and the really short hair look gave her the look of a 'tom-boy'.

The Cannes Look: Kristen Stewart was one of the biggest fashion bonanzas of Cannes 2012. She overshadowed her seniors in the industry by looking drop dead gorgeous in every outfit she wore at Cannes. Her hair was short, straight and slightly bouncy. She posed for a majority of photographs with her hair gathered sideways over her shoulder. For the premiere of her movie 'On The Road', she pulled her hair back into a messy bun.

The Snow White Look: Although Kristen Stewart is playing Snow White in the famous remake of this legendary fairytale, her look at the premiere look more like the 'wicked witch'. She donned a spiky, evil looking bun with heavy eye makeup to dazzle us in her 'witchy' look.

Going Blonde: The recent development in her hair saga is that Kristen Stewart has gone blonde. And would you believe it, she looks gorgeous as if she was born blonde. She had pulled her hair into messy bun for the premiere of her movie 'Into The Wild'.

This girl sure has knack for 'messy things' but her messy looks are really cool. Which your favourite among Kristen Stewart's hairstyles.

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Story first published: Monday, September 10, 2012, 11:45 [IST]
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