Why Are There White Patches On Your Body & How To Fix Them?

Here are reasons for why white patches can be present on the body and some quick fixes for them.

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Healthy skin contributesmuch toyour beauty. White patches onthebody is one of the common problems that affectsmany women. It is a condition caused by various factors,ranging from fungal infection to vitamin deficiency.

The most common cause is vitiligo. According toaresearch, vitilogo or white patches can occur in any age group or gender. Researchers say that it is an autoimmune disorder. You can see that people with vitilogo lose skin colour gradually,leaving behind white patches on the body.

Skin discolouration or loss of pigmentation in elderly people is considered normal. But in youngsters, it may be due to some illness,which has to be diagnosed by the doctors and proper treatment should be taken.

Apart from the beauty aspect of white patches, the underlying hidden cause should be revealed to keep your health in track. Treating white patches will be effective only if it is aimed on the root cause. In this article,let's look into the reasons of white patches on the body and certain remediesfor the same.

reasons for white patches on skin

Vitamin Deficiency:
Malnutrition is one of the common reasons for white patches on the body. People with deficiency of vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, zinc and calcium tend to have white spots or patches on their body. It is commonly seen in children. There are many vitamin tablets that can overcome the deficiency and you can also include diet that has these vitamins.

reasons for white patches on skin

Fungal Infections:
Tinea Veriscolor is another skin problem that can cause white patches on your body. Usually,white patches are seen on the chest area or the back area. It is said to be severe during summer and is common among youngsters. Apart from the medications, you can also try some counter remedies like Selsum blue shampoo, Tinactin, or Lotrimin.

reasons for white patches on skin

Family History:
Vitilogo is said to be a hereditary medical condition, where your skin losespigment, leading to white spots or patches on the body. As vitilogo is a hereditary disease, medical science never guarantees a complete cure. But still,there is nothing to lose hopes. Consult dermatologists and try to find some natural therapies. Even beauty products will helpyou up to a level.

reasons for white patches on skin

Dry Skin:
Pityriasis Albaisa common skin problem seen among the children of age group of 6 to 13. The name of the disease itself means white scaly patches. Children with extreme dry skin may get white patches and it is recommended to apply a good moisturizer daily, especially when the body gets wet. Sunscreen lotions as well as steroid creams also help to reduce the white patches.

reasons for white patches on skin

White Sunspots:
Usually when you have sun exposure, the body gets darkened. But in some people,you can find white sunspots. It is commonly seen in both men and women above the age of 50. Some of the effective remedies are to avoid unprotected sun exposure, try to apply sunscreen 45 minutes before going out, wear full sleeves and pants, etc.

reasons for white patches on skin

Due To Medicines:
Some people tend to have white patches on their body due totheintake of excessive antibiotics, birth control pills or even hormonal medicines. It is better to consult a dermatologist and followhis prescription if the issue persists.

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