Try Our Hacks To Get Long Nails Faster!

Ever checked out nails on magazines and craved to have long nails just like that? Well, now you can!

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You must have seen long nails on magazine covers and envied how perfect they look, while yours keep chipping or don't grow at all. Well, we have compiled hacks just for you to get long nails faster!

Having long nails has a lot to do with the strength and the overall health of the nails. Sometimes, if you try to grow your nails, they may grow really brittle and start to chip or peel. It can be a really difficult situation to deal with. Yes, we know, we've been there too!

Brittle nails can break and be really painful. So, one of the key tricks to follow to have strong and long nails is to increase your calcium intake, as less calcium can cause the nails to break easily and, in some extreme cases, a calcium deficiency can make the nails even appear yellow.

So, to make sure your nails grow long and strong, you must know of these nail care hacks and tricks. Now, even you can have beautiful, sexy nails that grow long and don't ever chip. Read on to find out how!

1. Cuticle Oil: One of the most important steps in having your nails grow faster is to apply cuticle oil to soften the cuticles. If you don't have one meant specifically for the cuticles, any oil like olive or almond oil would work just fine.

tips to get longer nails

2. Soak: Soak your nails in a mix of warm water and shampoo twice or thrice every week, in order to soften the cuticles and to get rid of dirt and grime. Getting rid of dirt is a very important factor in making your nails grow faster.
tips to get longer nails

3. Trim: Yes, ironical as it may be, trimming your nails on a regular basis is a very important step. This ensures that the nails grow in shape and don't get brittle and bent.
tips to get longer nails

4. Shape: To make sure that your nails don't break as they grow, the best shape to go for is a square shape with slightly rounded edges. This is the most unique tip to get longer nails, which has been tried and found to be effective.
tips to get longer nails

5. File: Always remember to file your nails after you cut them, to make sure the edges are not sharp. Sharp edges are more prone to breakage.
tips to get longer nails

6. Base Coat: Some base coats of nail polishes actually help with growing nails, as they contain some oils.
tips to get longer nails

7. Castor Oil: Apply castor oil on your nails every night to make them grow longer and stronger! A perfect and easy trick for longer nails, don't you think?
tips to get longer nails

8. Vitamin E: Regular intake of vitamin E capsules can also promote your nails to grow faster. Hope these tips to get longer nails have answered your query on how to get nails to grow fast.
tips to get longer nails
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