7 Natural Tricks To Make Your Legs Look Sexy

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All those long sexy legs strutting down the runway can give us some major complex. And as if bad hair days were not enough that we are faced with bad legs day too! Bumpy stubbles, dry as chalk, riddled with ugly black spots, hmm..well, not exactly a look you were planning to carry with your hot shorts, is it? What you need are home remedies for beautiful legs!

We don't say these natural tricks for blemish-free legs will give you the custom-airbrush look, but they can get awfully close.

The dark spots you see on your legs are nothing but collection of pigmentation that occurs in the top layer of the skin.

And the scaly film you see on your legs is because your skin is parched and needs some desperate nourishment.

First thing's first, avoid exposing your skin to direct sunlight, and if you have to, make sure you lather on a suitable sunscreen. Second rule, moisturise your skin, your skin can never have enough of it.

Other than that, here are some natural tricks on how to make your legs appear smooth and soft.

Rice Exfoliation

Your skin will absorb the extra nourishment when it has a clean canvas, which can be achieved only with enough buffing. Rice powder has rough granules which will remove dead skin layer, unclog pores and promote new skin cell regeneration.

How It Works

Mix 1 tablespoon of rice powder with a pinch of turmeric and a tablespoon of yogurt. Make it into a smooth paste. Apply it on to your legs. Let it dry for 30 minutes. Scrub your skin in a circular motion and then rinse it clean. Follow it up with a nourishing body lotion. Follow this natural scrub for shiny legs twice in a week for a visible difference.

Wheat Flour Buffing

Antibacterial properties present in wheat flour soothes inflammation, lightens the skin, and heals broken skin tissue.

How It Works

Mix 1 teaspoon of wheat flour with half a teaspoon of lemon and 1 tablespoon of honey. Mix the ingredients into a smooth paste. Apply it on to your legs, wait for 30 minutes and rinse clean. This home remedy for beautiful legs will remove ingrown hair, leaving your legs silky smooth.

Rose Water Toner

Apart from smelling incredible, rose water has essential healing properties that will cleanse skin of dirt and hydrates it, and shrinks pores.

How It Works

Dip a cotton ball in rose water. Squeeze out the excess. Gently dab it on to your skin. Let your skin absorb the nourishing properties of rosewater. Follow it up with a body lotion, and your skin will soak it right up! Follow this home remedy for beautiful legs every day for amazing results.

Avocado Oil Moisturiser

Packed with a chock-full of antioxidants, along with essential vitamins and minerals, avocado oil can penetrate deep into the skin layers, instantly rejuvenating your skin.

How It Works

Massage your skin with organic avocado oil, every night before going to bed. Wear a pair of cotton socks and leave it on overnight. Enjoy incredibly soft and supple skin in the morning!

Onion For Pigmentation

Most tested homemade mask for smooth legs is this one. Onion is a powerhouse of sulphur, which can lighten the most intense of skin pigmentations.

How It Works

Cut a few slices of onion and rub it on to your legs. Rub until you feel a slight tingling sensation in your legs and until your skin becomes warm. Rinse it off with cold water. Try this method thrice in a week to see a visible difference.


Soothe Skin With Mint leaves

Just nourishing the skin is not enough, your aching skin needs some pampering too. And menthol in the mint leaves can do exactly that!

How It Works

In a tub, pour hot water, and add a few drops of mint oil along with some mint leaves. Soak your legs in the solution for 10 minutes. And then rinse your legs in cold water. Follow this home remedy for beautiful legs twice in a week.


Oats Buffer

Talking about how to exfoliate skin and not include oats, how can that be? Oats has rich antibacterial and antifungal properties that can relieve itchy skin of its roughness and also remove ingrown hair.

How It Works

Grind 1 tablespoon of oats into a rough powder, mix it with a tablespoon of raw milk and add a few drops of almond oil for added nourishment. Wait till it dries, and then scrub and rinse it clean!


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